Our Territory

Dark earth, white grapes. White earth, black grapes.
Talking about the territory is like talking about home.

Nature has given us a land composed of basalt of volcanic origin, dark and with summery scents.

Winemakers have started planting vines according to local agriculture systems, making
Monteforte d’Alpone the municipality with the largest vineyard area in Italy. This is where the Soave wine.

In the white and pinkish soils of calcareous sediment n the municipality of Montecchia di Crosara, the rocky hills have been transformed into docile red-berry vineyards. During veraison they offer an authentic show, from which Valpolicella wine comes from..


Who we are
We are people united by a passion for vineyards and the territory.
Cantina Sociale di Monteforte d’Alpone was funded in March 1952
by a group of winemakers who decided to cooperate for the conservation of a specific area. .

We count 600 associated wineries and we are located in the East Veronese, bordering the province of Vicenza.

We sink our roots in the main historical names of the province of Verona, such as Soave and Valpolicella.

We represent the territory where we were born: soils of volcanic origin, dark with reddish and silvery reflections, simple and harsh, which smell of sun-dried earth and traditions.

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Wines as an expression of the territory and the people who produce it
he land from which the grapes come are mainly hills of volcanic origin that give wines a unique taste..

The exposure of vineyards to a mild and moderate climate completes the harmony and delicacy of this bouquet.

The vinification and care with which wines are prepared are the result of technology linked to tradition.

This is where the quality of products produced by Cantina di Monteforte d’Alpon comes from..



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